Vørding's gin branding

Vørding, a true gin enthousiast created his own perfect gin recipe. Galore helped him create the brand’s significant appearance and distinctive brand strategy. Sleek and luxurious without taking it all too seriously. With this in mind we created a visual identity, a solid brand story and brand strategy. Nowadays, Vørding is successfully selling his gin internationally and recently won an "outstanding silver" medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Let’s cheers on that!

vørding's ginvørding's gin
vørding's gin2vørding's gin2
vørding's gin6vørding's gin6
vørding's gin4vørding's gin4
vørding's gin8vørding's gin8

Vørding loves his gin. A composition of great taset and sophisticated goodness, just as he is. So after a long tradition of drinking gin he decided to combine these winning elements. 

Startig out in his own kitchen with just a copper pot, botnaicals and natural spring water he ended up with his own perfect recipe. A fine tasting gin with hints of red cedar wood, orange peel and cinnamon. 

Would you like a moment of great taste and sophisticated goodness? 

Ofcourse you do... 



vørding's gin10vørding's gin10
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