Archive Store branding

Are you having trouble matching your kids room with the rest of your house? Not anymore after visiting Archive Store. This new online and offline store concept from Amsterdam offers a beautiful interior collection for you and your little ones. Galore helped Archive Store create their visual identity and imaginative brand story.

This resulted in a playful yet grown up and contemporary logo where classic and modern styles blend seamlessly into one another. The brand story speaks to the imagination and clearly identifies the brand values Archive Store stands for.


archive storearchive store
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It is a joy to cherish quality in everything we do. That is why Archive Store has gathered an eclectic mix of unique objects especially for you and your little ones. A selection of both contemporary and designer items as well as vintage finds. Timeless pieces that make your home a magical place.

Our store is an archive dedicated to gatherers of all ages longing for a novel selection of items. Lose track of time while exploring the refined and unique collection. And perhaps, you will even feel like a child again.

Because who ever told you to grow up?

ARCHIVE STORE; Home of the little gatherer


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