About us

Established in 2014 by Anne and Myrugia, Galore is a branding agency that uses a mix of photography, copywriting and design to successfully communicate messages for a wide range of clients.

We don’t believe in big ego’s, far-fetched designs and overly loud messages (note: if it fits your brand we will make an exception off course). We do believe in colourful design, cool imagery, a good sense of humor and copy that strikes your heart. 

This inspired us to create fun social media photography for established brands like Robijn, Etos, Footlocker, Miss Sporty and the Kvk. Besides that we gave birth to visual identities for new kiddo’s like Archive Store, Amsterdam Redefined and Vørding’s Gin. The slightly out of fashion brands that needed a new wardrobe like Mokumboot and Health Club Jordaan are fresh and funky again due to a Galore boost.